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*Level 3 Master 'DevaCurl' Certified | *Expert in 'Art of Texture' | *Certified 'Curl by Curl' by Lorraine Massey | *Certified 'Cut it Kinky' by I Am Black Girl Curls | *Certified 'RëZo Cut' by Nubia Suárez | *Certified 'Curly Hair Artistry'

As a woman with curly hair living and working in the US and Puerto Rico, I understand the dilemma many of us are facing when searching for the right person to trust with our curls. This same dilemma led me to study the science behind skin and hair health on a deeper level. I didn't know I would discover something that would change my life drastically.


I learned that the vast majority of hair products were causing health conditions on my skin due to chemicals, silicones and preservatives.


At that time I started being more conscious of what happens to my body in response to what I consume. I threw away all hair products containing artificial ingredients and started using all-natural water-based organic products that, unlike the oil-based stuff, do not block the hair strand and allow water to enter to define and capture the curl.


Thanks to this change my skin improved and my conditions disappeared. During that time I received the highest certifications available for curls in the industry and I focused on working with my clients to improve their hair health. Knowing that my clients can also feel the difference is the most satisfying feeling ever.


From that moment on, it's been my duty to share this knowledge with others. It is something that comes out naturally because I'm very passionate about giving specialized care and being able to offer an experience that will help people throughout their lives.


Alicia T.

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